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Buyers: . Create unique 'one to one' profile matches with all your current and potential suppliers, easily, quickly and accurately. Real time reports allow you to identify and close gaps in supplier capability, source new suppliers by how close they are to your perfect supplier identify and manage supply chain risks.

eTracker allows you to track any of your suppliers in near real time, using your own performance standards with very little effort or resource. 

Suppliers: Use eProfiler to better understand your customers requirements which is extremely valuable in anchoring existing business relationships and identifying ideal customer types for new business development. 

Membership of eProfiler is free and by invitation only so if you'd like to join go to our parent company website (below) and we'll get back to you.


Buyers: If you want to screen your Suppliers against your own unique business needs, or find new one’s from the millions out there, then eProfiler can help to do this easily and quickly.

If you want to profile and develop your entire Supplier base (even if it runs into the 1000's) eProfiler can do that for you  easily.

You can use eProfiler to identify risks within your Supplier base, focus on Suppliers that you want to develop or remove, and save time by easily screening new suppliers.

Suppliers: If you are looking to build up your sales you can use eProfiler to get a better understanding of what your Customers want from you and with that knowledge take action to either focus your business development activity elsewhere, or to develop your business capability to better suit the needs of your Customers.

Both buyers and Suppliers can use eProfiler to find new businesses to work with and because eProfiler provides a clear business match, you can pick and choose those that fit your needs the best.

Give it a try – the core functions of eProfiler are free and always will be and are easy to set up and use. 

Membership of eProfiler is by invitation only so if you'd like to join email us and we'll get back to you. 

Find out more about eProfiler and the team behind it

We run eProfiler as a free service and the core functionality is free now and always will be

We have taken great care to make sure that the free functionality allows you to do everything you need to create customised, one to one business match profiles and if you want, you can choose to purchase extra functions, more customisation and more reporting capability by opting for eProfiler Premium, eProfiler Professional or eProfiler Enterprise.

Membership of eProfiler at any level is by invitation only so if you'd like to join for free apply here

Find out more about eProfiler and the team behind it here


Function eProfiler
Good to try out
eProfiler Premium
Good for suppliers wanting more insight
eProfiler Professional
Good for Buyers wanting to develop their supply chain
eProfiler Enterprise
Good for organisations wanting to actively manage their supply chain
  • Admin users
1 1 5 10
  • Requirements Questionnaire
  • Profile Reports
  • Supplier Import Tool
  • Detailed Profile Reports
  Y Y Y
  • Print and Save Profile Reports
  Y Y Y
  • Link-Up with new Customers and Suppliers
  Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon
  • Download function
    Y Y
  • Business Users (view only)
    50 500
  • Extra Requirement Questionnaires
    10 200
  • Date Sensitive Document Manager
    Y Y
  • Custom Requirement Questions
    Y Y
  • What if Scenario Report Generator
    Coming soon Coming soon
  • Communications Manager
    Coming soon Coming soon
  • Own System Branding
  • Set up and Implementation Service
  • Supplier Engagement Service
  • Supplier / sub contractor performance monitoring module
  • Annual subscription (Plus VAT at ruling rate)


£195 PA £1,995 PA £4,995 PA